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Allyson Johnson

Professional Runner
Hometown - Calgary, Canada

Allyson JohnsonI am an Enerex user. It seems funny to say, but I am proud to say it. I am about to tell you a story like no other.

I have been an athlete for most of my life and have accomplished much including making a Canadian Field Hocky Olympic team. But, in the summer of 1989 that came to a crashing halt. I was hit by a car, which crushed my toes and did extensive damage to my right knee. I was told that I would never play sports again. I believed it for a while: now in 2003, I am training for a marathon.

It all started earlier this year when I was introduced to the Joints in Motion Marathon Training team (this is a fundraising team for the Arthritis Society). They were gathering participants to run a marathon in Flanders's Fields, Belgium. It is called the 'Marathon of Peace'. I said, "that's for me". One problem; I had never run seriously before beyond a treadmill. Oh, I guess there was a second problem, but I really wasn't worried about the money I had to raise to go. Well on April 17th, I decided to take the plunge and signed up. In late April I took my first training run, in a snowstorm no less. That Saturday, I did my first 10 km ever, and it just got worse from there. For the 1st 3 weeks of training I didn't feel strong, and really had major doubts if I could do this.


Then everything changed. Enerex came on as one of my sponsors and I was introduced to some of the best products on the market. The SOYA Rx, GREENS, and the SONA multi vitamin/mineral/enzyme, were my first products, and wow did they make a difference! I feel very confident in saying this, as not only did I feel different, but I knew why. You see, I am not only a runner, but I am a biochemist, a nutritionist and a Dr. of Chinese medicine. I have worked in the field of Holistic Nutrition for over 13 years, including traveling and teaching nutrition extensively across Canada, the US, and Europe. These Enerex products work.


As I say to my clients "knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is the real power". Enerex has both.

As my training went on I felt 100% different. I was leading the runs and it felt effortless.
Time went on and I introduced the GAMMA E and SUPER ROYAL JELLY.

Then the real test came. I was about to do a ½ Marathon training run and then the next day my first ever 10km race. Not only would this be the farthest I have ever run, I was doing a race the next day. Well my training run went well. I did something special: ½ way through when everyone was taking their carb drinks for energy, I took a SUPER ROYAL JELLY - it felt great. Afterwards I had to recover my body fast - more SOYA Rx, GREENS, GAMMA E, SONA and of course SUPER ROYAL JELLY. The next day I was off and racing. Not only did I finish my 10 km race, but I placed 3rd, and had a personal best time 3 minutes faster than I had ever done before. This is the power of Enerex.

OMEGA 3-6-9

As time went on our run's got longer: 25, 28, 32, 34, 36 km. Each one a milestone. Each one I felt stronger and recovered well, with very minimal time. Along the way, I introduced the OMEGA 3-6-9 essential fatty acid formula and now take the SUPER ROYAL JELLY mid run - which garnered some attention and let's say it is now a ritual amongst many of my teammates. I know now that I will finish my Marathon and I also know that I will finish strong. So watch for the continuation of this story after Sept. 14, 2003.

Recipe of Anti-oxidant Protein shake - GREEN TEA / PEAR

  • 1cup green tea (I brew the night before and let it cool)
  • ¼ cup Pear Juice (My choice Ceres Juices)
  • 1 pear peeled and cut into chunks (you can also buy canned pears)
  • Hemp seeds
  • Protein Powder (Enerex Soy or Soy Rx)
  • Flax seed
  • 1 small banana (frozen works best)
  • * Optional Add in Enerex Greens Rx

Sept. 14, 2003 -- MARATHON DAY, Flanders Fields Belgium (The events as they happened)

The Big Day Breakfast: Soya Rx and Greens protein shake, 2 SONA , Super Royal Jelly , Omega 3–6-9, Gamma E.

At the Start of the race: another Super Royal Jelly.

The 1st 10 km: Besides nerves I felt good and strong.

Half way mark - 21.1 km: I felt good but ready to re-fuel - when everyone else was hitting the carb drinks I had some water, Super Royal Jelly and Omega 3-6-9.

36 km: This was the farthest I had ever run in my life yet as others were faltering I seem to gain momentum.

40 km: My last water station - the momentum increased, my energy increased, my body felt good.

41.7 km: Entering the Village - the last 1/2 km - the crowd was there, the cobble stones under my feet, the finish line in sight and my body fully functioning.

42.2 km: The Finish Line 3:44 - Pure Joy, and surge of energy! My job was not yet done. I grabbed some food - my Soya Rx and Greens that I had given to the people to have for me at the finish line, and one more Omega 3-6-9 and I was off again.

Yes, off again - I felt so good, but I had one more job to do - Bring my teammates in as I was one of our first members to finish and there were a lot of others still out there. I had the energy and strength to help them in and successfully - one by one. I went back, 1 km, 2 km, repetitively running each of my teammates across the line until the last, who was back at the last 5 km mark before we met up, and we ran in together. Finally, when I did stop, I had tallied up almost 58 km!

Afterwards, I had one more SONA, some Cal:Mag and 2000mg of MSM and my body I could feel was starting its recovery process. (This is a critical element for an athlete as it is not so much the completion of the activity but the body's ability to recover that makes the difference and my body had the right nutrients to allow this to happen).

I had a few minor aches, a few sore toes, but I was ready to celebrate and my body was too. In fact I was dancing the night away. The next day I continued to take my regular supplements (SOYA Rx, GREENS, SONA, GAMMA E, SUPER ROYAL JELLY, OMEGA 3-6-9) and when everyone was doing the Marathon Shuffle (Achy and Stiff), I felt like I could run again. I was climbing stairs, touring and continued to do so for the rest of my trip. Enerex never failed me!

My quest to run my 1st Marathon was a success. In fact, not only did I finish it and finish strong, but I continued to run for another 16 km. So from 0 to 58 km, Enerex was there and has continued to be the products that make the difference. 4 weeks after my 1st Marathon, I did another 1/2 Marathon with a 1:42 time. I have never stopped training and plan on at least 3 to 4 marathons in 2004, take up coaching and also enter into the Duathalon and Adventure racing arena. The 1st 3 weeks I thought I wasn't going to make it. Thanks to Enerex, I am ready to do anything and know that I will be successful.

Thank you Enerex for everything.

Allyson Johnson
Professional Runner