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Chris Lori

Hometown - West Vancouver, BC

Chris LoriChris Lori was instrumental in establishing Canada as a world power in the sport of bobsledding. Chris raced 14 years as the leader of the Canadian team, competed in 4 Olympic Winter Games and became the first non-European to win the 4-man Overall World Cup Title in 1990. Since the 1990's, bobsledding in Canada has built a tradition of excellence and has remained a consistent medal contender.

Chris maintained his strong hold on the sport with a career total of 22 World Cup medals and collected 8 Crystal Globes for Overall World Cup Final Standings in both, 2-man and 4-man events.

Long considered a leading driver on the circuit, Chris also focused on material developments for specific components of the sled, working to gain a leading edge.

Bobsledding is a mentally and physically demanding sport that requires considerable concentration, emotional tenacity, explosive strength and sprinting speed. Chris testifies that a disciplined health and nutrition protocol is critical to prevent injuries and optimize mental and physical performance to ultimately achieve and sustain a top world ranking.

"Greens and Super Royal Jelly are two of the most effective nutritional products I have ever taken into my dietary regime. I take 10g of Greens daily in approximately 4oz of water or soy milk so it is highly concentrated for better absorption. Occasionally, I will mix it into a small protein shake with fruit.

Question: "You guys need speed and strength? I thought you just hopped in those things (bobsled) and hoped for the best?" A bobsled weighs over 500lbs (230kg) and we push them up to speeds of 50 km/h in a 30m - 50m distance. On the lower portion of the track we reach speeds up to 145 km/h and pull up to 6 times Gravitational force with precision driving. In a fraction of a second, one small error can cause the sled to turn over and inflict serious injury, or death. If you're not taking your Greens Super Royal Jelly and other fine Enerex nutritional products to maintain optimal mental and physical health, then you'll end up sitting at home watching the show on TV.

Career Highlights

  • Competed in 4 Olympic Winter Games
    • Calgary 1988
    • Albertville 1992 (4th place)
    • Lillehammer 1994
    • Nagano 1998
  • 22 World Cup Medals
  • Overall World Cup Champions
  • 8 Crystal Globes for Overall World Cup Final Standings First
  • Non-European to win Overall World Cup Over 50 top five finishes in World Cup
  • 14 Canadian Championship Titles
  • Instrumental in establishing Canada as a World Power in Bobsledding
  • 14 Years Canadian national team leader

Enerex Products I use and their Benefits

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product line and the Greens Rx, in particular!

I competed in 4 Olympic Winter Games in the sport of bobsleigh, we were Overall World Cup Champions, winner of 8 crystal globes for Overall World Cup and 22 individual World Cup medals. I was very particular and disciplined concerning my health and nutritional protocol, and I remain so, today.

A few months ago I began regular use of your Greens Rx. Naturally, from a lifetime in sport, I am very sensitive to mental and physical changes that my body experiences and I noticed a significant improvement in late day mental and physical vibrance and recovery. This has resulted in greater daily productivity with the benefit of substantially improved quality workouts at the end of the day.

Thanks and all the best in your business exploits.

Chris Lori