2003 results
9th Volcano Olympic Triathlon

2002 results
17th Ironman Florida
6th 1/2 Ironman
Victoria Canada
5th Triathlon
Squamish Canada

2001 results
4th Ironman Canada
7th Ironman Korea
7th 1/2 Ironman
Huatulco Mexico

2000 results
7th Ironman Florida

1999 results
4th Ironman Canada
30th Ironman Hawaii
5th 1/2 Ironman Pro Circuit

1998 results
2nd Ironman Canada
18th Kona Ironman
10th 1/2 Ironman Pro Circuit

1997 results
2nd BC regional qualifications
12th Worlds
4th Japan Astroman

1996 results
2nd BC regional qualifications
12th Worlds

Where Can I Buy Enerex Products?

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Jaqueline LewisJaqueline Lewis

Professional Triathlete
Hometown - Ladysmith, Canada

Enerex Products I use and their Benefits

I take a SOYA Rx POWER SHAKE (2 scoops SOYA Rx in 500mL soy milk + 150g blueberries and 1 banana) in the morning before my workout, and one immediately after to speed my recovery time. The constant supply of energy supplied by the SOYA Rx ensures I have the energy throughout the day to meet my performance expectations.

OMEGA 3-6-9
Along with the SOYA Rx, the OMEGA 3-6-9 essentials fats work together to help repair muscle damage from strenuous training. OMEGA 3-6-9 helps in the repair of cell membrane as well as the lubrication of joints and tendons.

Aerobic exercise causes oxidative stress. Training for an Ironman involves a high level of aerobic activity - this increase the number of destructive free radicals in the blood. To combat free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, I use GAMMA E, BIO C and GRAPE SEED GREEN TEA three times a day. GAMMA E helps reduce the effects of poor air quality. I continually breath carbon dioxide and monoxide as I bike along the highway. GAMMA E is also great for my skin and complexion. I use Enerex BIO-C vitamin C with bioflavonoids to increase speed of repair and recovery, while boosting my immune system so that I am not sidelined with the cold or flu.

I take my GREENS for fuel - mixed with a glass of organic apple juice, GREENS gives me the tasty boost of energy I need for the day. GREENS really helps me get the equivalent of a large portion of vegetables every day.

I was born in Africa, on the Ivory Coast and I lived there for 13 years. I moved to the south of France for 6 years and then to Canada. I have always excelled in sports and tried almost everything, from track and field, karate, equestrian and all the team sports at school. Before taking up triathlon I tried body building - I placed top 3 at the Canadians, the all-natural category of course. I was also involved in the arts, ballet and piano for 13 years.

I love animals, growing up in Africa I befriended a little chimpanzee named Catherine. Now I have two gorgeous Maine Coon cats named Zia and Thor. One of my goals in life is to help protect wild endangered species and stop the cruelty to animals around the world.

As a professional triathlete, I train up to 25 hours a week so the faster I recover, the sooner I can train hard again. My hardest workouts are called "bricks" - they consist of a 5 hour bike followed by a 1½ hour run in the same day, or a 3 hour run the day after my 6 hour bike ride. The pace is easy but the duration is long - it's hard on my body and I need to recover making rest and nutrition the most important part of my training. Enerex supplements including SOYA Rx protein supplement and SONA multi vitamin-mineral-enzyme helps me maintain my optimum performance level.

Jaqueline Lewis
Professional Ironman Triathlete