Where Can I buy
Enerex Products?



Mark SchumacherEnerex USA is managed by health advocate Mark Schumacher, who believes in providing only products that are science based with clinical tests and results on humans. We provide the Enerex line of products because after many years of research and trials it is the only product that delivers the results without the hype that is so common today. You will find the products are made using the most proven formulations, the best raw materials, the most state of the art equipment, and the best packaging to protect the product. There is nothing else offered like it in today’s market at any price.

Mark Schumacher, a health advocate, coach, & trainer, researches & writes articles about products that show potential benefits for his clients. He is a former premed student and EMT that now invests his time in teaching and training young athletes. He also consults with clients on health and weight issues, and believes that education along with a healthy diet and the right supplements, is the solution to the nation's health issues.