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Your health and safety is paramount to our business. We actively search for the best way to provide you with exceptional nutritional supplements so you don’t have to think twice when you see the Enerex brand. From the details that make up the manufacturing component of each supplement, to choosing the containers that keep the contents and the environment safe and secure for generations to come. We’ve been a Canadian business success story since 1997, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but we serve our global community, and we are dedicated to delivering safe and effective nutritional supplements to you, your children, and the children of your children.


Wet granulation, the traditional industry standard for preparing materials for tablets and capsules, requires the use of solvents and high temperature drying to achieve the necessary material characteristics. The wet granulation process potentially denatures the effective ingredients, resulting in a less effective supplement. At Enerex, we use a process called Chilsonation to completely eliminate the need for the destructive process of wet granulation.

How Chilsonation works:

  • Raw materials are delivered via a system of horizontal and vertical screws
  • A series of grooved, counter-rotation rollers are pressed tightly together through hydraulic pressure
  • The rollers compact the raw materials into dense pellets through very high, direct pressure
  • The emerging pellets are milled into a fine granular powder using a Fitz mill
  • The finely ground powder is passed through a series of vibrating screens to produce a uniform, free flowing granulation

This Chilsonation process creates a finished powder that is 3 to 4 times denser than the original material, which enables Enerex to produce smaller tables relative to the large amount of ingredients in each tablet without any reduction in potency. Even so, some of the tablets are still somewhat larger than others but this is what it takes to deliver the optimal levels of nutrients required for our formulations. Unlike the “hard” tablets produced by wet granulation (sometimes called “bed pan bullets” by Nurses), the Chilsonation process used by Enerex yields a “soft” tablet that is easily dissolved and absorbed by anyone. In fact, many of our fans choose to chew our tablets because they are so soft.

Uniform Dispersion

The Chilsonation process provides us with a product with improved flow characteristics of the raw materials, meaning a better dispersion of the nutrients in the completed tablet. This uniform dispersion of nutrients provides increased nutrient bioavailability, the amount of active ingredient absorbed in your circulation system.

Vegetable Coating

If the nutrients are exposed to the atmosphere they can be subject to oxidation and reduced activity, which can change the chemical structure of the supplement. This breakdown produces free radicals, which are an undesirable component in supplements and can reduce the overall efficacy. After the Chilsonation process, Enerex supplements are coated with a special vegetable cellulose and purified water compound. Because no organic solvents are used in the coating process, the coating is hypoallergenic and free from any chemicals or sugars, common allergens and irritants for people with sensitivities. An additional feature of the enteric coating is the smooth surface makes them much easier to swallow than conventional tablets.

Tablets vs. Softgels

Our team of experts analyzed many factors in the formulation and delivery of the nutritional supplements created by Enerex, and the decision was made to present a selection of our supplements in tablet form rather than in gelatine capsules (softgels). Vegetable coated tablets are more stable and are not affected by high temperatures or humidity, factors that cause softgels to soften and leak in some situations. Also, the higher moisture content in gel caps can negatively affect the stability of certain supplement formulas.

The following supplements are available in tablet form to protect the efficacy of the active ingredients:

  • SONA Multivitamins
  • B Stress Free
  • Bio C 1000
  • Osteo Cal:Mag


If a company puts this much time and energy into each and every supplement it manufactures, it’s no surprise that the container is going to be examined to ensure the product arrives in the hands of the consumer safely. All of the nutritional supplements on the Enerex shelf are packaged in PETE containers. PETE plastic provides a superior moisture and oxygen barrier compared to the more common HDPE plastic that most vitamin manufacturers use. These letters can be found by looking on the bottom of the container.

In addition to protecting the delicate contents of the nutritional supplements inside, the PETE containers are recyclable and have the positive moisture, oxygen, and light-blocking features of a glass container, but with a smaller environmental footprint than glass packaging. Although PETE is the only plastic that can be recycled back into a container used for human consumables, it is also used for many other products. Some of the products that use thousands of tons of recycled PETE per year include fleece and carpet – so remember to recycle your Enerex bottle, you may be wearing it or walking on it one day!

To add a further degree of protection, every bottle of Enerex supplements contains a small package of desiccant. This desiccant absorbs any moisture that may enter the bottle during manufacturing and prevents deterioration of the finished products. All of these steps ensure that we are delivering the best quality nutritional supplements in their intended form for optimal efficacy.

Designed without Compromise – It’s in every step of every nutritional supplement at Enerex.