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Efficacy – Our Most Important Ingredient

To earn the Enerex name, each and every product design, manufacture, and provide to our customers has at least one thing in common – efficacy.

In the world of nutritional supplements, there can be a variety of numbers and ingredients on the label, but the most important factors are the amount of the active ingredients, their ratios, and their forms – all of which come together to give the efficacy. At Enerex, every product is designed to give you top quality and maximum efficacy. It’s important to you, so it’s important to us.

Each product, from Serrapeptase to Wild Omega 3 Extra – and everything in between - available from Enerex has been designed to provide optimal support for the body, helping you maintain good health for your whole life. Each supplement has been formulated to provide you with maximum efficacy, ensuring you get the most benefit from every supplement you choose. All of the Enerex products, including the SONA Multivitamin Family and the Greens Family, are manufactured using the most advanced production techniques to bring you a top quality supplement. We call it “Designed without Compromise” but to you, it’s knowing that when you choose Enerex, you’re choosing the best for your body.

From the new DM coating we’ve selected to ensure your supplement is usable where it’s needed, to the BPA-free PETE containers we use to protect your supplements from the elements, we make the right choices to bring you the right products. It’s the only way we do business.

Supplements Designed for You

While it might be easier to design one product to market to the masses, switching the label to satisfy the needs of different target markets, or jamming each supplement full of ingredients that individually might be good, but in combinations that haven’t been properly researched or tested, we think it’s better to create a product that’s right for you. We aren’t driven by a marketing team that tells us the recipe designed to satisfy the psychological wants of the market. We provide supplements that do what they’re supposed to do for you. No more, no less.

Designed without Compromise – It’s in every step of every nutritional supplement at Enerex.