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Teresa KliewerTeresa Kliewer

Fitness Model & Competitor
Hometown -- Vancouver

Teresa Kliewer is a fitness model and competitor based out of Vancouver, BC. Always interested in health and fitness, in 2001 Teresa took her commitment to a new level, discovering that proper nutrition, exercise, and mental preparation had an incredible impact on her quality of life and happiness. She now works out with the most highly regarded fitness trainer in Vancouver and is making a name for herself on regional and national scales as a competitor and model. In 2004 Teresa was featured in her first workout video, and in March of 2005 she was featured on the front page of www.connex247.com/insights, a website dedicated to health and fitness. An upcoming modeling contract with a major organization in the United States will see her exposure multiply even further.

Enerex:Teresa, you're a rising star in the world of fitness modeling and competition. What's the secret to your success?

TK: I don't think there's a secret! Like anything else, getting fit is really just a matter of commitment and hard work. But once I made that commitment, I discovered that the hard work fell into three categories : exercise, diet, and mental toughness.

Enerex:You need mental toughness to stay committed in the gym the way you are. Talk a little more about the role of diet.

TK: Your body is an engine, everything you eat, your fuel, either helps it run smoother or run worse. If you eat smart, you're a step ahead of the game because your exercise isn't wasted on burning off the junk food. You see results and achieve your goals a lot faster with proper diet and nutrition.

Enerex: As part of your commitment to proper nutrition you've been using Enerex products, how have they helped?

TK: They're fantastic! I'm currently using two Enerex products, Fibre Rx and Greens. I've been using Fibre Rx for almost two years and the difference in my body has been really obvious, both in the way I feel and the way I look to others. First, I feel fantastic because Fibre Rx helps remove toxins that used to slow me down and upset my body chemistry. No more. And, it also helps with weight loss by making me feel full, which is important because it cuts down on the urge to snack or over-eat, which is exactly what you don't want when you're getting fit or trying to gain muscle mass or definition. I've totally leaned out, my body fat is down to 10% and Fibre Rx has definitely helped me get there.

Enerex: What about Greens? Why do you take it?

TK: I guess if I did have a secret, it would be Greens as my secret energy source. It's a super convenient and quick way to get all the benefits of vegetables, the greens, the vitamins, the minerals, because it's potent and concentrated. Greens is especially valuable when I go low-carb since it keeps me from feeling tired, which is key because I still need to be able to lift weights and run. Reducing carb intake can totally kill your energy level so I rely on Greens to help keep me on the right track! The other nice thing about Greens is it helps neutralize blood pH, which becomes acidic on muscle-building, high-protein diets like mine. It takes away the feeling of bloating and leaves me feeing ready for the gym.

Enerex: Uh oh, your secret's out now. Are you worried?

TK: Not at all, my trainer first showed me Greens and Fibre Rx so it's only fair that I pass the favour along to someone else! Seriously, these products have made a real difference in my training and the body I've been able to achieve. So, I'm happy to recommend them to anyone else who wants to get serious about their personal fitness.